What we have is a great love, it’s complicated, intense, all-consuming, no matter what we do and how much we fight, it’ll always pull us in. 

Text: Isabelle

Harry: rooftop?
Harry: how about we find somewhere new tonight? we'll go around Santorini and find somewhere cosy
Isa: always.
Isa: I'm always up for a new adventure, but I have a very busy schedule, and unlike the other girls in the house, I can't jut drop everything for you. Don't you know I'm in high demand, Styles?

Text: Isabelle

Harry: i have my ways sometimes
Harry: how about I come find you instead?
Isa: rarely. very very rarely.
Isa: oh go for it. shouldn't be too difficult considering my thinking spots don't really vary when we travel from place to place.

Text to >> Isababe

Piper: did you know that you're the apple of my eye and quite honestly my sister from another mister?
Isa: did you know that I haven't seen you in weeks and that's a serious issue because I'm not sure I can properly function without you?
@isabellemorgan; if hours pass and I’m nowhere to be seen, check the rooftop. it’s likely I haven’t moved. it’s like looking at heaven up here.


It pains me to see that you have no faith in me whatsoever. I didn’t—I thought you had your own flight to catch! I got another early one, anyway. 


Past experiences prove you to be incredibly impatient and a horrid navigator. I did! New York to London to Greece. I missed my direct flight so I stopped in England for a few hours. Well— good. I didn’t want to sit by you on the plane anyway. image


Well you since you’ll be having to dress all fancy-like till they get here you’re going to show us all up, aren’t you? I’m sure they’ll find them though. Considering you packed for an entire season I’d say it wasn’t a light load and shouldn’t be too hard to place. I do too, but I’ve never been before now! I’m already crazy about it though. What about you, have you been before?


I wouldn’t look at it like that. I’d say I look more like a freak compared to the rest of ya. I’m snagging some of Lou’s sweats and raiding Piper and Barbie’s closets without them knowing here soon. I’ll be fine. I mean— they’re all color coordinated, and they all clearly state that I’m the owner of them. It’s a mess, really. I don’t understand how they were lost in the first place. Ugh, Greece. I have this incredibly horrid case of wanderlust, and I’ve been here once or twice, for sure. However, Harry never fucking shuts up about this place, so if you’re looking for someone to show you around, he’s your man. image


Recovery mode, eh? Did you do some crazy shit that you aren’t telling me? Why the hell did you schedule such a early flight, fuck. See if you really don’t care if the clothes might be a tad big, then you can have at it with my stuff. Lord knows that I don’t use more than half of it. A bother? Please, you’ll be serving me some good. It will be my good deed of the day or something.


Recovery mode in the best way. Um, aren’t I always doing crazy shit? I’m a whole different person when you send me back to New York City. Let’s just say that I’m feeling a lot more— myself lately. I scheduled an early flight because I, well, I missed you guys. Some of you, anyway. I’ll have to swing by and grab a couple’a things, then. You’re a life saver, Lou. Really. I’m glad I can be your charity act of the day. image


What do you want to see here?


Everything, Ireland. Everything. Starting with the beaches. God I haven’t seen an ocean that isn’t freezing in months. image